Time Waits For No One

But what are we doing with time?

Photo from author — @casswildcat

Time flies.
Time waits for no one.

Famous quotes about seizing the day, waste no time in life.

But what is the context behind these phrases? How did they come about? Are they trying to tell us to live our lives the way we want? Or is it a subtle way to tell us to quickly join the rat race, climb the corporate ladder, feed the pockets of corporate giants, and run till the day you expire?

Time waits for no one.

We all know it. But we can’t seem to take ourselves out of our own situation to properly assess what we should be doing with our lives. It’s like that scene in Soul where one of the corporate persons had his lost soul saved. He had an out-of-body experience. He finally saw himself as a zombie, working at his desk with his fellow zombified coworkers.

We climb ladders that are not of our hearts and passions. If time indeed waits for no one, why are we giving our precious time to people who don’t appreciate us? Helping them to make their dollars with our services, only to be returned with a pay that doesn’t justify the amount of tasks we do, the overtime we have to work when it can be spent meaningfully with people we love?

So the question remains: If you can afford it, why are you still stuck at your desk moping around about how your job sucks?

“What am I doing with my life?” quietly etches in the back of your mind, only surfacing every time you’re frustrated with work. But with the everyday grind and never-ending workload, that thought is slowly drowned out and pushed down.

Time isn’t waiting for you to feel safe enough to move on from your soul-draining, time-sucking, family-taking job, to find your passion, to make something of your own, to invest in yourself and do something you want to do. The truth is many of us can leave our jobs to do something else, to explore our options. But most of us don’t.

We’d rather complain about everything that’s wrong in our lives and our work. We aren’t able to confront ourselves because we know we’re scared. Scared of stepping out of our comfort zones. Scared of leaving a comfortable secure life with monthly payouts without having to worry about when your next meal would be. Instead of taking a leap of faith in ourselves, we’d rather trade our souls, mind, and heart for a cushy stable pay. Many of us don’t even have a salary that allows us to live comfortably. Even with a monthly salary, we’re still struggling to get by.

So if you’re already not doing well, why not take a chance on yourself? You might do better than you or what other people think.

I’m not promoting freelancing or entrepreneurship. It’s not for everyone. For some of us, the 8–5 job fits our lifestyle preference.

But it isn’t just about the job. It’s about how we view life. Some people are happy just cleaning toilets. They don’t feel ashamed about it. They take pride in it, knowing they’re making our lives better. There’s nothing wrong with that. And we wonder ‘How could they stay happy with a job like that?’

It’s simple.

They found fulfillment within themselves and everything else naturally falls in place. Don’t be mistaken. I’m sure they still have their own struggles in life. Nevertheless, it’s a choice they made for themselves. A choice they want to live with. A choice for their own lives.

If early humanity didn’t go down the path of materialism, if you don’t need to earn a living to fund your luxuries and necessities, what would you be doing with your life?

**This story was taken from my Instagram post. It’s been modified to what I truly want to say since Instagram limits non-verified accounts to a certain number of words.

Instagram Photograhy: @casswildcat
Instagram Life: @justwildcass



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